SUMMIT is an immersive performance that speculates about dark future scenarios. The artists envision it as a collective mourning ritual, a preparation for an unexpected, yet already evident Future Event. The aim of the gathering is to deconstruct and reassemble preconceptions of a possible (yet unimaginable) catastrophe that vanishes humanity from Earth.

To approach the topic the artists collect inspiration from philosophical thoughts on mortality (Michel Foucault), Timothy Morton’s concept of dark ecology, Sigmund Freud’s death drive, suicide sects of the 1990s and zombie aesthetics.

Concept and performance: Tamás Páll, Viktor Szeri, Gyula Muskovics

Collaborators: Darina Alster, Kaca Olivova, Kata Kállai, Ramóna Takács

Music composition: András Molnár, Tamás Marquetant

Supported by: iPortunus (Creative Europe), MeetFactory (CZ)

Summit @Donaufestival, Krems (AT)

Austrian premiere of Summit at Donaufestival 2021.

Summit @Budapest Autumn Festival

Summit performance at an off-site location

Summit Publication @burnt_borned publication

Summit text and documentation published @ B_publication by the adO/Aptive group containing:

– Horror stories;

– Science Fiction tales;

– Pocket Traktaty;

– Speculative Declamations;

– Poems ex Erotica;

– Cosmic Meltdowns

link to PDF


Summit @Nyugati Railway Station, Budapest, Hungary
performed at 28/11/2019

Site specific performance at the Nyugati Railway Station, Budapest, Hungary

Summit @Divadlo X10, Prague, CZ

Ongoing performance during the Possible Futures show at Divadlo X10

Summit @Meetfactory, Prague, CZ
performed on: 07/29/2019

Workshop performance at Soiree open studios at Meetfactory, Prague, CZ