TAMÁS PÁLL is an interdisciplinary artist from Budapest, working with digital media, videogames, installation and performance. His praxis blends experimental game design, film, writing, installation, role-play, performance and mythopoesis.

Páll’s works are assemblages of associations and embodied experience that weave together the politics of technology and Eastern Europe, online subcultures, scientific world-views, non human storytelling and synthetic mythologies into his vessels of research.

In his ongoing research "Emergent Worlds" Páll explores the entanglement of collective world-making, emergence and computational simulation through synthetic worlds and lifeforms, and he is developing the concept of XenoLudic research, focusing on nonhuman storytelling.

His projects have been showcased in numerous venues, including The Victoria & Albert Museum, London; ISCP and Residency Unlimited New York; Art Cologne; Panke Gallery, Berlin; Transmediale, Berlin; MeetFactory, Prague; Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest among others. He is a co-founder of the art collective Rites Network and the artist group Hollow . With Hollow they develop immersive performances about queerness, chronopolitics, group dynamics and politics of the body.

Since 2018 he participated in several individual and group residencies, including in New York at ISCP and Residency Unlimited; in Prague at MeetFactory, Divadlo X10 and Neiro; in Berlin at Trust, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and Montag Modus; and in Budapest at SIN Production, AQB Project Space among others, and received grants for his projects from Goethe Institute, iPortunus (Creative Europe), Workshop Foundation and Visegrad Fund.

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