OVO is a meta-mythology with an unknown number of episodes that transposes 21st century world models with the narrative structure of mythologies and the toolkit of storytelling.

Its currently known fragmented story brings to life the world of a non-existent Hydra-like mythical creature in the form of a game simulation. The simulation embodies its own world and formulates its virtual body by telling several loosely connected stories, the spatial framework of which is based on the biology of a cephalopod model organism, Hydra vulgaris.

OVO’s unearthed units have been discovered at 3 locations: the genesis of OVO’s core in the form of an augmented reality object was spotted by the early explorers in August 2021 at the Panke Gallery in Berlin; while in the autumn aura of the Csongrád floodplain forest, the holograms and records of the first Hydra researcher have been examined by those who erred, while the third and most recent find have been released as an animation on the hungarian Tranzitblog, which explores OVO's genesis story, combining all 3 locations and stories into a fictional world.

The third find, OVO012, is an art research project fascinated by the biology and immortality of Hydras that accompanies the recursive association process of a fictional researcher in the form of an animation about a generative form of narration.

The world of OVO012 unfolds through the perspective of a researcher, a Hydra, and a conspiracy vlogger. The three perspectives in the story merge together and disintegrate. Hydra and the researcher will be Hydra/me for a moment, and the imagined world of the conspiracy will come to life as a real vision of the future in Hydra’s singing. This instability provides the ultimate cognitive resource in the world of OVO, the holes where the viewer’s imagination can spread, like the budding clone bodies of a fragmented Hydra vulgaris.

OVO012 was published as part of the series Transrealism, edited by Gyula Muskovics

Special thanks:

Carmen Czett

Project833 art colony

Gyula Muskovics


The first edition of OvO has been released on Tranzitblog.