Nesting evokes a reality-spanning story of a fictional community of urbex role-players, who enact creatures and infrastructure they come across with when they enter a forbidden place. 

The project explores the interplay between fiction, myth-making, community and reality. Amidst fake news, global wars, pandemics, social media, fringe worldviews and political narratives the modernist universal frames of reality (from science to democracy) are becoming increasingly insufficient to describe the world. Nesting departs from this disillusionment in modernist world-models and explores alternative communities that create their own shared worlds.  

The exhibition hosts multiple artifacts from the community’s semi-fictional world, their objects of rituals, scraps from past urbex trips and small monuments they built for the spirits they are possessed by. 

In the 3-channel video the virtual gameworld of Nesting is coupled with research video essays. The project is based on a 2 year long research project that explores the connections of science, real-estate developments, technology and squatting. 

The story and the objects reference materials from the research that span from urbex social media videos to anarcho-primitivist online subcultures and post-anthropocentric role-playing games. 

The 3-channel video weaves found Youtube footages from urbex content creators, like NotMe and Shiey with scientific videos of fresh water pearl mussels and architectural visualization of the Biodome in Budapest. Connecting a wide range of materials with the interview-like storytelling of Nesting, the exhibition weaves an intricate web of fiction and reality that creates associations between contemporary Hungarian politics, gameworlds and alternative communities.

Nesting @discotec Vienna

Solo show in discotec Vienna