Hollow's AURA examines the relationship between theater, games and reality, as well as the world-making potential of shared imagination.

The performance also raises the question of what emerges in a group beyond the sum of its members.

Similarly to Hollow’s previous works, the audience does not remain outsiders: This time they are immersed in an imaginary journey, the story, the landscapes and the characters of which are evoked through poetics, media art, contemporary dance, role-playing, experimental electronic music and singing.

The starting point for the performance was an international research, in which the three artists investigated the functioning and world-building strategies of grassroots communities in Eastern Europe. During the intuitive and experience-based research process, they also experimented with the creation of a collective body and shared consciousness, through which they also aimed to reinterpret the functioning of their own group.

AURA is based on Hollow’s research project ‘Paracosmic Friend’.

AURA at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest (HU)

Hollow's AURA premiered on the 5-6th of April in Trafó.

Photo documentation: Dániel Szalai