The Archive

The Archive is an ongoing project by Tamás Páll, Viktor Szeri and Gyula Muskovics that was first premiered as an online livestream performance in 5 acts hosted by PLACCC Festival.

The point of departure in The Archive is the increased presence of predictions and future visions in everyday life. These visions conceal utopias and dystopias, desires, promises, fears and paranoia that the artists aim to document in a series of performances. The Archive is created in the attraction of various "Future Events", that are incomprehensible to the human intellect. It captures the looped rehearsals and endless choreographies of the preparation for the unknown. It is a series of time capsules encompassing the anxieties, the simultaneous presence of good and evil, life and death, progress and destruction, experienced in the shadow of the different future variations.

Created and performed by: Viktor Szeri, Tamás Páll, Gyula Muskovics

Music: András Molnár, Tamás Marquetant

The Archive - Live

Livestreamed in 5 acts on 13th of July 2020 hosted by PLACCC Festival Budapest